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self-managed-sfForming a Self Managed Super Fund – Is it right for you?

It’s no surprise that many people are taking control and forming their own self managed super fund (SMSF). It should be understood that the decision to set up a SMSF is an important one that you should consider very carefully before proceeding. SMSF’s have become a powerful wealth creation tool enabling Australians to maximise their assets and income in retirement.

What are the benefits of SMSFs?

A SMSF gives you control to choose your own investment strategy and a wider range of investments to select from, including property & shares. Super Funds pay income tax at a flat rate of 15%, rather than up to the 46.5% marginal tax rate which you will pay on investment income held in your own name. Upon retirement, you may further reduce the tax paid within the SMSF to NIL and not have to pay capital gains tax, with the appropriate pension structure in place.

What will you need help with?

As the trustee you will be responsible for the affairs of the SMSF. There are significant penalties that can be levied on a non complying fund. Therefore you need to understand the rules and regulations for operating the fund.

We can assist in all aspects relating to preparing and maintaining the administrative and reporting requirements of the SMSF.

How can Walker’s Accountants & Advisers help?

We are proactive, constantly researching and comparing strategies designed to meet our client’s needs.

  • We can help you set up and run your SMSF.
  • We can help you understand the applicable rules and regulations and how legislative changes impact your SMSF.
  • We can help you prepare and maintain the SMSF’s reporting requirements, such as annual preparation of financial statements and members accounts, lodging the SMSF income tax return and arranging for the completion of the audit.
  • We can help you prepare and maintain the required documentation for running a SMSF.
  • Our fees are on a fee for service basis, either hourly or fixed by quote.

Walker’s Accountants & Advisers are specialists in superannuation funds. With over 20 years experience, Stephen Walker is available to discuss how a self managed superannuation fund could maximise your assets and income in retirement.

Make an appointment today, contact the office to speak to one of our staff.